Big Cat Roundup Rules



The tournament is open to all anglers with a valid TEXAS FISHING LICENSE.

• Official tournament hours are from 12:00 a.m. March 17th to 4:00 p.m. March 19th 2017 weigh-in. Tournament will take place rain or shine. No refunds.

• All legal means and methods of fishing are permissible.

• All PUBLIC waters in the State of Texas are open to this tournament. Private canals, reservoirs, etc. NOT OPEN TO PUBLIC are not eligible to be fished for tournament. ONLY Youth Division entrants can fish private waters.

• Weigh-in times will be Saturday (March 18) from 1-3 p.m. and Sunday, March 19, 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. at the Hallettsville Knights of Columbus Hall. Fish will be weighed separately for pot divisions and for stringer total.

Hallettsville KC Hall Pavilion

321 US Hwy 77 South

Hallettsville, Tx 77964

• All anglers must be IN LINE by 4 p.m. to be considered present. NO EXCEPTIONS.

A fish weighed in on Saturday can be replaced with a bigger fish on Sunday.


1-4 people per team, no age requirement. Each team must pay a single entry fee for each category or pot entered.

• There will be two team divisions: Catfish and Alligator Gar.

• An individual can only serve on one team and only one boat can be used per team.

• Only team members may be present on the boat with the exception of a youth entrant.


Heaviest stringer of up to 3 catfish, any combination of Yellowcat, Blue, and Channel.

All catfish entered must be ALIVE at weigh in time, if fish are deemed deceased by weigh-in warden a 20% penalty will be deducted from weight of the deceased fish.

• All legal means and methods of fishing are allowed but not to be in the water before the official tournament begin time (12 a.m. March 17).


Entering Gar Pot only is $200, entry is $50 if already entered into the Catfish Division

• One alligator gar per Team, fish weighed in on Sunday can replace a smaller fish weighed in on Saturday.

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All legal means and methods are allowed, including bow fishing but not to be started before the official tournament begin time (12 a.m. March 17).

• All gar entered may be dead or alive (preferably dead).

• Prizes for 1st (25%), 2nd (15%), and 3rd (10%) places win cash prize


Number of prizes and amounts will be determined by the number of teams entered. Cash prizes for 1st (25%), 2nd (15%), and 3rd (10%) place in the first flight and 1st (6%) and 2nd (4%) place in second flight. Non-cash prizes for 1st and 2nd places in any additional flight. For every 12 Catfish teams that enter, an additional flight will be added.

• Flight order will be based on final stringer weight at weigh-in.


Free to enter.

• Entrant must be 12 yrs old or younger as of March 19, 2017

• Combined weight of up to 3 catfish, any combination

• Non-cash prizes given to the top 3 entrants with the heaviest stringer

• Fish are to be caught with pole and line only and youth entrant cannot be a member of a team. Youth entrant can be present on a team boat but only enter fish caught with their pole and line.

• Catfish can be caught in any public or private body of water.

• Entered catfish can either dead or alive.


Fish entered into stringer are still allowed to win pots.

• Prize will be 50% of pot total for each unless otherwise noted below.

• Yellowcat Pot: Heaviest Yellowcat wins

• Bluecat Pot: Heaviest Bluecat wins

• Blackjack Cat Pot: the catfish that weighs the closest to 21.0 lbs without going over wins.

• See above for Alligator Gar Pot prizes.


In case of a tie in any division or pot, the winner will be decided by first to weigh in.


1. NO Professional anglers or guides will be allowed to participate or be present on the boat during the tournament.

2. All entrants must comply with fishing and boating rules set by the TPWD.

3. All fish that are to be transported for the weigh in must be transported in water that is not taken from any public body of water. Please use well water when transporting fish.

4. All fish weighed and entered must be caught only during official tournament hours

5. All fish entered in weigh-in will be inspected for determination of entry eligibility. 20% reduction for any deceased fish at weigh-in.

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6. All fish entered by the team must be caught by the team and be in the team’s physical possession at weigh-in. No one can enter a fish for another team. Only a team member can weigh in fish for their team. Not all team members need to be present for weigh in.

7. Any and all winners could be subject to polygraph testing at the Tournament Committee’s request.

8. Any entrant or team found to be in violation of tournament rules and regulations will be subject to disqualification from this tournament and banned from any future tournaments.

9. All decisions made by the tournament committee are final. Weights measured by weigh in warden are final and not to be contested.


1. Entry is $200 per 4 person team for catfish division

2. Entry fee is $200 per 4 person team in Gar pot if not entered in catfish division

3. Each pot entered is $50. Gar pot is $50 if already entered in catfish division

4. Youth division is free. Age 12 and under

5. No entries will be accepted after March 15, 2017, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Mail Entries to

Knights of Columbus Hall
PO Box 46
Hallettsville, Tx 77964

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Tournament Committee

David Halata Jr
Jeremy Bludau
Dale Halata

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