Texas State Championship Straight Domino Tournament

Council 2433 sponsors an annual domino tournament to determine the State Champion of Texas. From its humble beginning, this tournament has grown to be recognized as the finest competition of straight dominoes nationwide and is held in Hallettsville at the Knights of Columbus Hall.

2017 Texas State Domino Champions

1st place:  Nathan Garrett of Calera, OK and Gary Baugher of Camey, OK

2nd Place: Joe Yenger of Bellville, TX & Larry Spates of Brenham, TX

3rd Place: Jim Metteauer of Chireno, TX & Ron Hurst of Nacogdoches, TX

4th Place: Tim Wilkins of Boerne, TX & C.E. Boring of Comfort, TX

5th Place: Louis Kolos of Hallettsville, TX & Jason Beran of Taylor, TX

6th Place: Morgan Smith & Mike Berkstrom

2017 Consolation Winners:

First: Leon Hesse of Waco, TX & Dan Ragland of Waco, Texas

Second: Claude Hoch of Hallettsville, TX & Mark Brown of Lockhart, TX

Third: Marty Patek & Winfred Bludau


Historically dominoes played a key role in the lives of people of all walks of life living in Central Texas. Domino halls and taverns had tables located in every nook and cranny to accommodate the legions of faithful players. In 1952 a group of men joined together to formulate a plan to determine the best domino players at straight dominos. The initial tournament, held at the American Legion Hall in Hallettsville, drew 30 teams that engaged in fierce competition with.

Today the tournament held in January draws approximately 200 participants from all parts of the country that battle to determine the Texas State Champion.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Straight Domino’s

Double Elimination Partner Play

Winners get Plaques and Bragging rights for one full year

Top Five teams win prizes.

Knights of Columbus Hall

Hallettsville, Texas

Schedule of days events.

Registration 7:00 – 9:00 AM Fee $30.00 per Team

Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony 8:30 AM

Play Starts 9:00 AM Sharp

Awards Presented Approximately 5:00 PM

A delicious BBQ chicken meal will be served at noon along with plates to go.

Hamburgers and refreshments will be served all afternoon

Past Domino Winners

1954 Ben Appelt Alvin Grahmann
1954 H.H. Sobotik (Sopie) Finley Blackwell
1955 Frank Grafe Al Langhamer
1956 Jerome Schwenke Ervin Jalufka
1957 Bill Gray Glen Dolezal
1958 Leroy Michalke Alvin Grahmann
1959 Willie Walchar Bob Quitta
1960 George Young Wilbert Pless
1961 George Young Wilbert Pless
1962 Ray Allan Williamson Sammy Judd
1963 Norman Schmidt Henry Melnar
1964 Leroy Michalke Alvin Grahmann
1965 Jack Parker W.C. Williams
1966 Ray Allan Williamson Sammy Judd
1967 G.B. Hollis S.M. “Tiny” Gaines
1968 Jerome Schwenke Ervin Jalufka
1969 Ray Allan Williamson Sammy Judd
1970 Bud Brietschopf Carl Zella
1971 Ray Allan Williamson Jim Kolos
1972 Steve Hrncirik Poochy Kridler
1973 Willie Carter Jr. Sam Robinson
1974 George Bludau Mike Bludau
1975 A.C. Quarles Curtis Mann
1976 Bob Willoughby Edmund Kacer
1977 Howard McMillan Johnny Jones
1978 L.J. Judd Sam Robinson
1979 Jerry Tesch Louis Kolos, Jr.
1980 L.J. Judd Sam Robinson
1981 Mike Technik Joe Kallus
1982 Ralph Foster F.E. Studder
1983 L.J. Judd Sam Robinson
1984 Ralph Foster F.E. Studder
1985 Ralph Foster F.E. Studder
1986 Ronnie Mamerow Donnie Mamerow
1987 Ray Allan Williamson Jim Kolos
1988 Clarence S. Brown Jerry Tesch
1989 Ray Allan Williamson Jim Kolos
1990 L.J. Judd Louis Kolos, Jr.
1991 Richard Henke Harvey Janak
1992 L.J. Judd Louis Kolos, Jr.
1993 Bobby Stratmann Joe Buzek
1994 Wilbert Allen Delbert Brod
1995 Michael Bergstrom Donnie Mamerow
1996 Clyde Cozart Ralph Foster
1997 Henry Joe Henke, Jr. Joey Henke
1998 L.J. Judd Louis Kolos, Jr.
1999 Vic Garcia Morgan Smith
2000 Kevin Tesch Bobby Stratmann
2001 Gene Migura Cliff Howard
2002 Travis Newsome Jerome Wooten
2003 Johnnie Pustka Eddie Kuban
2004 Jason Beran Bob McGaughly
2005 Henry Joe Henke Joey Henke
2006 Ray Allan Williamson Jim Kolos
2007 Tommy Grahmann Bob Henke
2008 Ronnie Mamerow Donnie Mamerow
2009 Robert Holman Lenvel Stanaland
2010 Billy Lowe Billy Lowe II
2011 Gene Migura Sylvester Martinez
2012 Jim Foster Scott Henke

Top Six Teams
2013 1st
A.J. Kutac & Clarence Brown
Damon Richards & Sedrick Johnson
David Hernandez & Charlie Hernandez
Gary Keeton & David Mitchell
Bob Stratman & Kevin Tesch
Gene Migura & Sylvester Martinez
2014 1st – David Scott Henke & Jim Foster 2nd – Pat Henke & Lyndon Livingston 3rd -Harvey Woytek & David Buzek 4th – Norbert Popp & Perry Popp 5th – Dave Ballard & Haven Keys 6th – Robert Holman & Lenvel Stanaland
2015 Top Six 1st – R.L. Orsak & Dale DeWees 2nd – Nathan Garrett & Markus Garrett 3rd -Clarence Cobb & Howard Anderson 4th – David Scott Henke & Jim Foster 5th – Henry Joe Henke, Jr. & Joey Henke 6th – Rat Schautteet & Henry Sofra
2015 Consolation 1st – Kenneth Henneke & Matthew Bludau 2nd – Steve Meacham & Matt Ocker 3rd -Larry Kuntschik & John Manthel
2016 Top Six 1st – Dave Ballard Jr. & Haven Keys 2nd – Kenneth Henneke & Matthew “Too-Tall” Bludau 3rd -Byron Baca & Tony Martinez 4th – Gene Citzler & Robert Penksa 5th – Leisha Barber & Tammy Garrett 6th – Kenneth Curtis & Damien Richards
2016 Consolation 1st – Alan Bludau & Herb Bludau 2nd – James Grichar & Arnold Raesz 3rd – Sammy Brinkman & James Fritsche

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