2017/18 Whitetail Divisions Rules

2017/18 Whitetail Divisions Rules & Regulations

The Hallettsville Knights of Columbus Big Buck Contest will have the following seven Whitetail deer divisions.

  • Lavaca County Division: Any deer harvested in Lavaca County.
  • State of Texas: Division: All counties in the state, other than Lavaca, and the Special South Texas Counties.
  • Special South Texas Division (South Zone): All South Texas Counties in which the regular season extends to January 21, 2018.
  • Lavaca County Youth Division: Lavaca County Deer only.
  • State of Texas Youth Division: All counties in the State of Texas except Lavaca County and all counties in the South Texas Division.
  • South Texas Youth Division: All South Texas Counties in which the General Gun Season extends through January 21th, 2018.
  • Texas High Fence Division  Native Only (NO BREEDER DEER)
  • Texas Open Division  (Almost anything goes)
  1. Adult hunters must be signed up and have $20.00 entry fee paid by midnight. Friday November 3, 2017 or postmarked by that date. The $20.00 entry fee will make a hunter eligible to enter a deer in any of the three regular divisions and/or the Texas High Fence Division.
  2. Youth are defined as anyone not reaching the age of 17 on or before January 21st, 2018.  Youth hunters must be signed up and have their $10.00 Youth Division entry fee paid by midnight, Friday October 27, 2017 in order to be eligible to enter a deer harvested during the October 28th & 29th “Youth only” weekend. Youth Division entries will continue to be accepted through midnight, Friday November 3, 2017 for the regular season.
  3. A “Youth Division” hunter will have the option to enter their deer in the appropriate “regular division” at the end of the regular season. A deer harvested during a Youth Only season can only be entered in a Youth Division.
  4. Deer must be a Whitetail buck harvested during the “General Gun” season. Deer may be harvested during the “Youth only Seasons (October 28 & 29, 2017 and January 8-21, 2018)” for entry in a Youth Division. “General Gun Season” is defined as starting November 4, 2017 and ending on January 7, 2018 for most Counties, or January 21, 2018 for South Texas Counties. NO ARCHERY ONLY SEASON; NO PRE OR POST SEASON MANAGEMENT DEER
  5. Lavaca County bucks must be checked in within 24 hours of harvest. The Lavaca County hunter must bring in the field dressed deer or the deer’s head with hide & antlers attached for scoring.
  6. Special South Texas and State of Texas bucks must be checked in within 72 hours of harvest. Hunters may bring in the field dressed deer or the deer’s head with hide & antlers attached for scoring.
  7. Any deer harvested during the final January 20 & 21st weekend, including special youth season deer, must be checked in no later than 6 PM Monday January 22, 2018.
  8. Scoring will be based on the total Gross Boone & Crockett score. All Boone & Crockett scoring rules apply.
    1. Tie Breaker: Longest normal point off main beam.
    2. Second Tie Breaker: Greatest inside spread.
  9. Buck deer must be legally harvested and properly tagged according to the most recent Texas Hunting Guide when brought in for measurement.
  10. Hunters may enter more than one legally harvested buck in the appropriate divisions, but can only win one prize overall.
  11. Entries must be legal as defined by the General Gun Season regulations for a county. Deer harvested on MLD3 property will be allowed, but must meet the General Regulations for that County. i.e. Harvested within the dates of the General Gun Season & Special Antler Restrictions.
  12. OPEN DIVISION: Bucks that were ever kept inside a pen for breeding purposes or any other reason. Bucks that are, or were ever, tagged or tattooed for breeding purposes. Bucks that have been raised in a fenced-in area and released.  Bucks considered to be Breeder Deer.  Any bucks which cannot be entered in any other division due to one of the criteria covered here can be entered in the OPEN DIVISION.  Bucks described in this category WILL NOT be allowed in any division except the OPEN DIVISION.
  13. The Hallettsville KC Big Buck Committee may administer lie detector tests. Refusal to comply or failure to appear for a scheduled lie detector test will be considered adequate reason for disqualification from the Hallettsville KC Big Buck Contest.
  14. Any registered hunter trying to cheat in the Hallettsville Knights of Columbus Big Buck Contest will be automatically disqualified, forfeit their prize, and may be banned from entering the contest for life.
  15. By entering the contest, you have agreed to comply with all rules of the contest and all decisions of the KC Big Buck Contest Committee. All decisions of the KC Big Buck Contest Committee will be final.


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